Universal Vehicle Database

The global vehicle standard 

Finally an open, universal standard

UVDB is a community and industry driven global standard for vehicle data. 

Open sourced data

Manufactures, OEMs, and data providers add vehicles data into UVDB. Anyone in the industry can then add vehicles or suggest vehicle updates. Suggestions are approved by industry experts.

A new era of standardized data

Universal vehicle catalog (including vehicles from across the globe)

Database returns

  • Year, Make, Model, Trim

  • Bed length

  • Body style

  • Brake config

  • Drive type

  • Manufacturer body code

  • Manufactured date range

  • Spring type

  • Transmission

    • Number of speeds​

    • Control type

  • Transmission type

  • Engine

    • Engine code

    • Number of valves

    • Fuel type

    • Asperation type

    • Cylinder type

    • Engine manufacturer

    • Number of litres

    • Number of CCs

    • Number of cylinders

    • Block type

    • Bore 

    • Stroke