Use Cases UVDB

UVDB is powering a new era for vehicle data


Sell parts in all regions

UVDB lets auto parts retailers, suppliers and manufacturers define fitment once, and then sell parts to all countries around the world using the global vehicle definition. The global vehicle is automatically translated into the best local definition depending on what the region is used to.

Vehicle fitment compatibility

UVDB allows all manufactures, data providers, and retailers to share the exact same global vehicle definitions to radically simplify fitment.

Country & region specific

UVDB will only display vehicles that exist in a specific region, to that region.

Data Management

Easily add data

UVDB allows anyone to contribute to the core data, provided they are an expert in that area. Data can be uploaded by file, API integration, or manually through the UVDB editor. Additions or updates are then approved, and added to the core UVDB.